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Help us educate the public that there is a better way to build homes and plan our neighborhoods. We can't continue to see this kind of death and destruction year after year. 

We need your help to make this important film. We recently received our official 501(c)3 approval from the IRS. Now, when you contribute to our projects you receive a tax deduction. See below for the various donation levels. Please sign-up for our newsletter, stay informed about our award-winning projects, and support our work.  Thank you!!

$5 Our sincere thank you for helping us achieve our goals. We will list all contributors on our website.

$25  Exclusive updates on progress with our films.

$50  “Special Thanks” credit at the end of the film you contribute to.

$100  Digital Copy of the completed film, plus awards above.

$250  Made Possible by credit at the end of the film, plus awards above.

$1,000  Move the World Gold Participant credit at the end of the film. You will take part in our production through special surveys so your thoughts can be part of the process in shaping the film, plus the awards above.

$2,500 Move the World Platinum Participant credit at the end of the film. Plus premium branding on the Move the World Films website about your participation, plus the awards above.

$5,000 Producer credit at the end of the film.  Regular access to the producer to share your thoughts and ideas, plus the awards above.

$10,000 or more  Co-Executive Producer Credit, IMDb credit, inclusion in Film Festival program advertising, plus the awards above.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on how your brand or organization can partner with The Last House Standing please CLICK HERE or contact Move the World Films at 813-440-3074.